Counseling Resources

Counseling provides a wonderful opportunity to improve the lives of not just the disabled but also their caregivers, partners and families. It facilitates and promotes personal growth by offering a safe territory for exhibiting and working through challenging emotions daily. This service will also allow access to social and emotional learning activities that will address topics such as frustration, anger, grief, loss, vulnerability, worry, stress, guilt, hopelessness, failure, negative thoughts, poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, lack of independence, coping difficulties, isolation, lack of opportunities for socializing, managing expectations of loved ones and others. It provides support, respect, acceptance and empathy by creating a space understanding, love and kindness. Counseling services will be beneficial to a wider range of people such as those born with deformities, with progressive debilitating illness or faced with an unfortunate event or an accident.

Job Training

This comprises of being acquainted with different aspects and possibilities of the job world and what to expect. Apart from investing in their skills, the disabled would also be taught how to look for employment opportunities and maximize their opportunities of becoming employed. Moreover, they would educate themselves about the laws currently in existence to safeguard their rights of employment and protection.

Employment skills

Problem solving, styles of communication, teamwork, adaptability and being well versed with technology are essential employability skills that will be taught through our program. Acquiring and further enhancing their skill set would position them with their potential employer and provide them with an increased likelihood of succeeding in their respective careers.

Education Assistance

Statistics show that persons with disabilities are more likely to stay out of school or leave early without completing their education or ever going to a college or university. Our assistance and education programming will provide the appropriate steps to promote education equality for all and to ensure that the disabled have access to a quality and inclusive education with other members of their community. We will assist with identifying suitable opportunities for education and helping with the enrollment process, including access to Colleges, Universities, Community Colleges, and Career and Technology training programs. Options to cover the cost of education will be provided such as part time work opportunities, participation in scholarship programs, and learning how to obtain student grants and loans and through the FAFSA and TAFSA programs.


Health Improvement

Research shows that people with some form of deformity are at a higher risk of developing further disability or other heath related issues. They often encounter obstacles in accessing health services and activities that encourage good health and an increased sense of general well-being. We will introduce community-based programs offering advice on how to properly access the health care system as well as programs that will foster healthy living habits and activities in order to maintain functional independence and prevent further health afflictions or complications.

Advocacy and Resources

This would entail working to safeguard, promote and advance the rights of people with disabilities by teaching self-advocacy skills while also empowering them through inclusion, equality and participation in a progressive society.

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